How to Frame Your Own Canvas Art

There is nothing better on a cold weekend, then to pull out paints and play.  I’ve been holding onto these little 4×4 stretched canvases for a couple months.  I’m a big fan of abstract art, so went that direction.  My focus was using colors to coordinate with some shelf decor.

Layers of brush strokes are topped with some circles and dots and lines.  I used gold leaf to give it some pop.  A blue/taupe version for the bath and a neutral piece for the spare bedroom.  I’ll admit, I used gesso to cover and start over a few times before it felt done.

I wanted to frame them in a rustic, painted wood frame. The local home improvement store had five foot sections of wood trim that were the same width as the canvas.  My handy husband cut them for me, but most home improvement stores will cut at no charge, if needed.

Once cut, I sanded the ends and painted.  I used a small finishing nail to secure each piece to the side of the frame.

And now you have a miniature work of original art!





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