I’m a fan of food . . . although, I enjoy photographing it even more than eating it.

As a child, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my grandmother.  She used food to connect with people . . . she would make my favorite cherry pie and it made me feel loved.  She would take dinner to someone who had suffered a loss and it made them feel comforted.  She would reserve certain foods for celebrations and it made the day more special.

My parents and grandparents raised most of their own food. I collected eggs, sat by as my grandmother milked the cow and picked produce straight from the garden.  My dad raised lamb and rabbits for meat. This embedded in me an appreciation for how food is sourced.  And before it was fashionable, we were organic.

So, locally sourced food inspires me.  I tend to cook with seasonal, fresh foods.  I enjoy the artistic expression of creating a beautiful plate.  As I expanded my photography skills, food as a subject was an obvious pairing.





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