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7 MUST READ Books for the Creative Blogger

7 MUST READ Books for the Creative Blogger

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Ok friends . . . truth be told, I started as a food blogger that morphed into a DIY and food blogger, who is now oversharing the details of how I blog.

Along the way, I've read what feels like virtually EVERY book ever written on these subjects.  To save you the time (and money), I've culled my personal bookshelves for the standouts and offer you these seven titles.

First up . . . A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book

For any creative, you will love A Beautiful Mess:  Photo Idea Book by the amazing sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of the blog A Beautiful Mess.  This book gives real world advice for every blogger, no matter your focus.  However, anyone in a creative field who needs to use photography to brand will find this book useful.  It's pure eye candy.  I grab it regularly for inspiration.


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Next up are two books by Fiona Humberstone.  My friend Emil from Slice of Lime Photography introduced me to her first book How To Style Your Brand.  It was love at first sight. The imagery illustrates her words and allows you to feel that you are sharing the experience. 

She just released her second book, a more in depth study of branding called Brand Brilliance.  This is a heavy, solid physical book.  And it is oh, so very beautiful!  It is truly a workshop in a book. 

Want to try video, but are intimidated?  You're going to love Vlog Like A Boss by the industry expert, Amy Schmittauer.  She gives the details we all want to know in a genuine, humorous manner.  This is a girl you'd wanna have drinks with - really! She covers everything . . . what equipment you need, how to script, come across naturally, anticipate cuts and more.  You can start with your iphone and add on later.

Because I started as a food blogger, I will include these because they taught me great basics on blog photography.  The product just happened to be food.  These books have information that will cross blog genre's.

The first Will Write for Food is by Dianne Jacob.  This is the 3rd edition.  It is a labeled the complete guide to writing cookbooks, blogs, memoir recipes and more.  She has specific SEO recommendations in here, along with topics like critiquing restaurants.  This information can certainly apply to lifestyle bloggers and any sponsor writing as well!

Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots by Nicole S. Young is a must have.  Again, the techniques taught can be applied to any product photography you do for your blog.  There is great technical instruction that applies to any camera work you do.

And finally, Blogging For Creatives by Robin Houghton.   Focused on how designers, artists, crafters and writers can blog to make contacts, win business and build success.  This is full of web images of actual blogs. It focuses on Wordpress and Blogger users, including information on photos, videos, connecting with journalists, SEO tips and more.  This is a must have for beginners or those struggling to get past the first steps of blogging.

Do you have a favorite book not listed here?  Please share!

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