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Bacon Mushroom Swiss Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Bacon Mushroom Swiss Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Mushroom Swiss Grilled Sandwich 2.jpg

Let’s add this up . . . bacon . . . mushrooms . . . cheese . . . thick slices of bread. Humble ingredients, but such amazing flavors combined together! This is a fan favorite in my house with the guys. One of my favorite fast food sandwiches was the Mushroom and Swiss burger from Hardee’s. This is a twist on that beloved sandwich.

Although my love of mushrooms is no secret. Have you tried the Mushrooms Tarts yet? Or the Chicken Sausage and Apple Stuffed Mushrooms?

Mushroom Swiss Grilled Sandwich 4.jpg

I start with white and portabella mushroom slices. You need a pound, as they reduce in size as they cook. Plus you want to stuff that sandwich full! I prefer these over the more delicate variety for a sandwich. I add some fresh thyme and pepper as they saute in the butter. As the water releases, spoon it out. You want them to get a slight brown.

Also, adding a little American cheese with the swiss helps maintain the creaminess. I use one slice of American to two slices of Swiss.

Use your favorite bacon, but I prefer thick cut. I find it holds up better.

I also chose a sourdough, but have used Italian bread as well. The sourdough is a little denser and absorbs the mushroom juices beautifully.

Mushroom Swiss Grilled Sandwich 3.jpg

This is a hearty, meal sandwich. Perfect for a cold winter day! Enjoy.

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