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DIY Anthro Artwork Hack with FREE Printable

DIY Anthro Artwork Hack with FREE Printable


I want to be a painter . . . I long to fill my walls with colorful canvases featuring bold, abstract designs . . . and sweet, watercolor florals . . . but the reality is, I can't paint.  I try to paint and I'm in love with the process, but am just not able to create the images swirling in my mind.  While I'll never stop trying, my walls remain bare. So I found a way around it . . . I compare this to using a box cake mix and adding extra chocolate chips to fancy it up.  I start with digital art.  I piece them together, adding a little bit of personal embellishment to create a finished product that is frame worthy.

So where do I get this digital art you ask?  (affiliate link) Wait until you discover Creative Market!!

This is an online store where designer's sell their work . . . including watercolor images like clip art, fonts, brushes, templates, websites and more.  They include the option of a limited or extended license (if you want to sell what you create.)  It is free to create an account.  Once you have an account, you receive six free, curated items each week!  Yup . . . 100% free EVERY WEEK!  Create your own account here!

Some of my favorite inspiration pieces are found at Anthropologie.  I love the bright colors, the quirky textures and the unusual subject matter their art category offers.  I'm especially in love with this piece . . . I like the whimsy, the colors and the raw lines:


Flowers Wall Art by Leslie Westphal offered by Anthropology - $228

While the price tag was out of my reach, I used some watercolor flowers that were in this incredible 2,000 bundled package by Daria Billberry at Creative Market to create something very similar.

I printed it on my home printer onto white cardstock.   Then I added some simple watercolor washes to the white spaces within the roses.


Next, I added a little bit of gold leaf and glitter to give it some dimension.  If you haven't worked with gold leaf, I like to use a brush dipped in glue so that it mimics brush strokes.  Lay the gold sheet against the glue and allow it to dry. Once dry, use a dry brush to brush off the unattached pieces of gold leaf.


A simple white frame finished it . . . a piece of art for my wall for pennies!

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