DIY Foil Edged Marble Coasters

I have to confess . . . I’m crushing on marble hard this year!  I’ve always been a fan of marble kitchen counters, but am looking for ways to add touches of the smooth, white and gray swirled marble throughout my home.  I had some sample marble tiles left over from a home improvement project, so I decided to make coasters with them.

Coasters are like little, tabletop pieces of art.  They can offer pops of color, texture, pattern on surfaces throughout your home and are affordable to swap out regularly!  They also make fantastic hostess gifts.

At the craft store, I found these sticky backed, foil strips in the Christmas clearance section.  For me, metallics are a year round necessity so I don’t know what they were thinking?!!.  Whoop, whoop . . . big score at a buck for a package of three!  I also grabbed an 8×10 piece of gray felt to back the tiles and avoid table scratches.

I started by wrapping the edge of the tile with the foil.  It worked out to be a perfect fit.  I added a second layer, so that I could overlap it onto the top.  Press the long edges first and square off the corners.  I love how it has a soldered, metal look.

Use a rubber cement or glue gun to adhere the felt squares to the bottom of the tile.  I intentionally cut them smaller than the coaster so that you don’t see the felt.

A set of four of these would make a lovely birthday, holiday or hostess gift!



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