Easy DIY, Spray Painted, Dollar Store Vase

Over the holidays, I purchased a dozen plain glass vases from Dollar Tree for centerpieces at an event.  I set them inside an evergreen wreath and added a candle for a quick, low budget centerpiece.

But now the holidays are over, and I have a dozen, plain, glass vases.  I’ve never used spray paint on glass before, but figured for a buck, I’ll try it.  OVERWHELMING SUCCESS!  I’m thrilled with the results.  So quick and easy.  This would be perfect for weddings, bridal or baby showers, holiday tables or any event.

Start by making sure your glass vase is clean and dry.  I used a simple spray paint, nothing special.  Create a straight line with painter tape.  You decide how much of the glass you want to paint.  I opted for a short base of a bright lime green shade and a taller base with my favorite metallic silver.  Once you have the base line applied, cover the top with a plastic bag and tape it closed.

Obviously, you want to use the spray paint outdoors.  It was a breezy day, so the paint dried quickly.  Two coats should be plenty.  Remember to move the can to avoid any paint runs.  It only takes two light coats to cover.   This image was taken with one light coat applied.

Allow to dry.   The metallic paint takes about three times as long as the non-metallic paint does to dry.  Carefully peel the tape away to reveal a crisp line!

There are unlimited possibilities to this . . . you could add multiple color lines or patterns with the painters tape.







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