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Make a $50 Arrangement with $15 Worth of Grocery Flowers

Make a $50 Arrangement with $15 Worth of Grocery Flowers


Nothing brings cheer to a home like flowers.  So many of us still restrict them to birthdays and special events.  I certainly cannot afford a weekly florist shop arrangement, but I can afford $15 worth of flowers from the grocery store.  I typically buy a bunch of assorted flowers and then a bunch or two of filler fauna.  This allows me to create at least two or sometimes even three arrangements, depending on the size.  I'm often able to pull some of the longer lasting flowers from the previous week's bouquet. $50 Floral Arrangement with $15 Worth of Grocery Flowers2I start by laying out the flowers and trimming the ends on an angle, just enough to make the fresh so they can absorb the water and plant food that comes with each package of flowers.

Once I determine the vase I will use, I add the provided floral food to the water.  I use the vase to calculate the appropriate length of each flower.  I think this is one of the tips which takes your arrangement to the next level.   You want to stagger height.  In this image, you can see that I add the lushest, fullest bunches first.  They will serve as the base and I will build the rest of the arrangement around it.

4Next comes the roses.  I just adore these with their tinged edges.  They were only $5 a bunch!

3Next I add the Peruvian Lilies.   They are flexible and provide the perfect drape.  You can find these in all color varieties.  Note that the roses sit a little lower and the lilies sit higher than my base flowers.


6Finally I add the filler ferns, along with a little baby's breath.  I gently pull some of the blooms to the sides, this creates a lushness that steps up the visual impression.

87Would you know this arrangement came from the grocery store?  This didn't even include ALL the flowers!  I held back just a few for a smaller arrangement that would suite a mason jar to put in the bedroom.

910For this arrangement, I opted for something more rustic and romantic with stronger color.  Note that I still used the same rules, just relaxed them.

Fresh flowers are pure happiness . . . let me know how it worked for you!


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